Vinyl Solutions Unlimited Services


Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday: Seasonal (Currently closed on Saturday)
Phone: (812) 663-2754 or (800) 276-1676

Vinyl Solutions Unlimited offers a variety of services:
  1. Experienced sales staff to help you
  2. Product fabrication offering custom designs
  3. Design teams
  4. Wholesale products
  5. Contractor pricing
  6. Product warranties
Our Experienced Sales Staff
Since the start, Vinyl Solutions Unlimited has had employees that are driven. Driven to find new ways to revolutionize the fence industry in any way possible. Noticing trends in the residential and commercial housing industries has made Vinyl Solutions Unlimited who it is today. Offering products to match homes in the best way possible. Feel free to contact anytime!

Custom Projects?
When asked what sets us apart from the our fencing companies around our answer is our custom projects and products that we build. We have done many custom fences, pergolas, tables, benches, and many other products that our customers have wanted throughout the years. Our design teams know our products capabilities and limitations on what it can withstand. Have an idea? Small projects or large we want to hear these ideas!

Design Teams
Planters, tables, and many more products have began from a picture and the question why don't we sell these? We have built many products with the same material that we build our fence from. Designing products to have better strength and stability with vinyl. One thing that we pride ourselves on is that we design our products to hide the fasteners on our products. You won't find any screws on our fence so why would we want to see them on our planter boxes!

We take great pride in the products that we offer! We want to share our products with others and help them grow as well. Like our products? Contact us to hear the opportunities that we have for you and your business!

Contractor Pricing
Vinyl Solutions Unlimited has an opportunity for contractors! Install decks, columns, railing, and fencing products? We are here for you! Become a dealer with us today to simply your job! Have everything you need from the beginning to the end of the job. Contractor pricing packages available. See the difference in our fence from the major department stores. Contact us today to see what we have to offer. Just leave your name and company/business information and we will get back with you! Many of the styles that we offer are online.


Most of our products that we sell have a limited lifetime warranty!